About my work

Since I was a little girl I have loved jewelry and told my mom I wanted to start making jewelry. My mom had little to give raising four kids on her own but always encouraged us, and so we went shopping and got what she could afford and the rest was history.  

I worked in the hospitality industry for many years and knew that didn’t fulfill me so in 2015 when my husband told me to quit my job and do what I love I was scared to take the leap but have never looked back. I’ve learned so much along the way and am truly blessed to be doing what I love.  

I continue to push myself and evolve as an artist.  I since took classes and learned Metalsmithing, and will always continue to grow.  I use American made metals only on my work and high quality gemstones and beads that I hand pick.  I put everything I have inside of me into my work and love is the main ingredient.