28 years ago I fell madly in love with creating jewelry. I from that day forward took over my mother’s kitchen table. She allowed me that freedom for she knew I found my true passion in life. I always loved shiny things, and pretty jewelry, but my true artistic freedom came when my mother allowed me to be me. One of a kind, that’s me, and its also a true representation of my pieces. I have never been like anyone else, or ever tried to fit in, because I was born to stand out! This is what I put into every piece, and make it truly one of a kind for you as well.

I was surrounded by strong women in my life from my grandmother, mother, family, sisters, and amazing friends. My pieces are named after these amazing inspirations in my life. For if not for them accepting me then I simply wouldn’t be me. Having the love and support by so many inspirations is a true gift. All of the energy from stones, and my creations are a representation of their inner beauty as well. I want people to put on a piece that I have created and have it speak to them. For somedays I wake up and tell myself “ I’m going to be a Goddess today,” and I know the piece I need. I want people to have confidence in their inner beauty as I have found in mine by healing with stones, or feeling the true energy put out by the beauty of stones that is real.

Go forth and set the world on fire and be the Goddess you were born to be. Be SASSY and keep it classy;)

Lisa Ramos-Zahrn
Sassy Girl Jewelry